Tanit Atelier,
the freedom of a natural style.

In the globalized world in which we live, it is increasingly difficult to find the authentic, the genuine. So once you find it, you value it more.

In the case of Tanit Atelier it will be love at first sight. The feeling that you have finally found a fashion firm capable of identifying with your most personal style.

Origin and development of a project with great aspirations.

The origins of our brand are closely linked to the concerns of Rosanna Fosch. Great passionate about the world of clothing and accessories, one day she considered the possibility of going one step further: make them herself. The result of this decision was the Island Project, a first professional foray into the sector with the island of Ibiza as a source of inspiration and natural materials as the basis of its designs.

From bracelets to necklaces, from necklaces to rings, from rings to other accessories made of leather, metal or stones ... The creativity of this Tarragona designer gradually opened V towards other inspiring proposals. With the increasing popularity of his creations inside and outside Ibiza, it was time to approach the project from a new perspective: this is how Tanit Atelier was born.

The creation of our brand also involved the incorporation of new professionals into the project in order to respond to the growing demand for fashion items designed by Rosanna. From now on and with the facilities of online sales through its own store, the new firm opens up to the international market without ever losing sight of its origins.

Brand philosophy, the value of exclusivity.

At Tanit Atelier we understand fashion as a form of expression. When you combine garments, fabrics, colors and accessories what you are really doing is building a message. We want to help you ensure that your wardrobe is able to say much more about you. But exclusivity does not have to be a limitation and that is why at Tanit Atelier we aspire to be much more than a way of dressing.

Our brand designs are not manufactured on a large scale or strictly adhere to a certain trend. We are looking for a timeless style that looks to the future. They are proposals designed to offer an alternative to you and to all those women who value the creative, the genuine and the authenticity of clothes and accessories that are manufactured in a 100% artisanal way.

Tanit Atelier, Rosanna Fosch's most personal project.

Rosanna's creativity is the foundation of our brand. With a mother dedicated to clothing, it is not surprising that her life has always been closely linked to the world of fashion and the sewing machine. She would continue to have these concerns for the ten years that she worked in an architecture firm or the eight years that she owned a multi-brand store. Time that he has taken advantage of to continue with his training in design and pattern making and to always keep abreast of developments in the sector.

Thanks to her enormous commitment and vocation, many other women, those who are not afraid to show their femininity with a very personal style, those who enjoy their independence and appreciate the value of the genuine, have found a wardrobe that perfectly meets Your expectations.

Her traveling spirit has led her to discover all over the world the materials, fabrics and designs that she now applies to her creations. Great connoisseur of leather and the different techniques with which to work it, this material is an essential part of her creations for Tanit Atelier, but it is not the only one with which we will be able to surprise you.

A workshop awash with inspiration and high expectations.

In a new impulse to the development of our brand, the creations of Rosanna Fosch have set out to travel beyond the shops in Ibiza that until now sold their fashion items and the Deltebre workshop in Tarragona, which from the beginning has been the heart of this project. Not surprisingly, this New York loft-like workshop is located in Rosanna's own home, a very personal space where ideas seem to take shape naturally.

In these installations on the Mediterranean coast, the designer's most original creations have emerged, inspired by an ideal environment made up of pieces of sea, sky and sand. Without a doubt a great combination of ingredients that has resulted in the creation of unique items.

At Tanit Atelier we are committed to the use of traditional techniques, maintaining the value of craftsmanship and always guaranteeing the use of environmentally friendly processes and materials. Goat, sheep and cow skins come from Africa and Spain, with the guarantee that no animal is sacrificed for the exclusive benefit of fashion, and they are tanned and dyed mainly in Italy with the application of natural products.

We have not changed the essence, but we have raised our expectations. In this new stage and under the name of Tanit Atelier we have set out to reach women from all over the world and make the most authentic and original designs of our brand open to other markets. And we will continue to grow. Because when you put all your illusion in what you do, the path to success is free of obstacles.